What Are Scrapbook Challenges?

What Are Scrapbook Challenges?

In my first post I mentioned how I’ve grown to love working on scrapbook “challenges” offered at shops I frequent.  Some of you may be wondering exactly what a “challenge” is all about.

A lot of shops/designers host challenges to help inspire people and often to promote their products. Typically, a digital scrapbook challenge will include steps or instructions to follow when creating a page. Sometimes a challenge will include a quote, specific colors, or even a mini kit/sampler to use for your page. Whatever form the challenge, it should ignite your creativity and encourage you to think outside the box. Sometimes, these challenges can also nudge you out of your comfort zone.

Participants in challenges often receive something in return for participating. This “reward” can include: free product, points used to purchase product, $-off coupons or entries into drawings held after the challenge closes. I’ve learned a lot and grown creatively by doing challenges. I hope you’ll stir up your creative juices by joining in on some challenges!

Step Up

And on that note…my favorite challenge forum (The Digital Scrapbooking Studio) has a brand new challenge this month hosted by Cindy Ritter Designs. This Challenge is called “Real Moments Challenge“. Cindy mentions “There’s a quote that says “Life isn’t measured by time, it’s measured by moments.” and that’s what this new challenge is about, preserving those moments that stand out; the good, the bad and everything in between. Many of those moments in our lives are not accompanied by photos so feel free to experiment and think outside the box while making your layouts.” Sounds like a fun challenge & I encourage you to give it a try.

Cindy’s Real Moments challenge showcases her new product “Real Moments-Metamorphosis“. It’s available now in her store at The Digital Scrapbooking Studio. Please check my 2023 Gallery for Cindy’s layouts to get a glimpse of what’s in store using these products.

Let Me Know

If you decide you’re up for the challenge, I’d love it if you would come back here and post a comment about your experience with this one! Have a great weekend…

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