There probably is at least one area of your life where you wish you could have a “do-over”.  Maybe you have already planned and completed a do-over and are pretty happy about what transpired.  I often hear comments like, “ I wish I would have…” or “If I could do it again, I would definitely…”  Sure, most people have some thoughts on what they would like to take another serious stab at.

How about you? What would you do over if you could?

I Could Have Done Better

We’ve all been there. That one scrapbook page that just sits in the back of our brain saying “You could have done this better.” Well, this weekend I had the chance to revisit an old paper scrapbook layout that had been taunting me.

I should Have Done Better

There was a challenge posted on The Digital Scrapbooking Studio forum to re do a previously created layout that disappointed you.  Originally, I was going to pass on this challenge.  That is until I thought about a really old one (relatively speaking 😉) that I did before I even started making digital layouts.  This was one of those I wasn’t completely happy with when I did it way back in 2017.  So, I dug out that old layout and boy was this a shocker to look at.

Knowing what I know today; being able to do more than I could in 2017, this was even more disappointing than I remembered.  There was no longer any question that I could do this better now.

Old Paper Layout

Sadly, the scanned image of the original layout cut off some of the right side but you get the idea.  Technically, I suppose this could have been considered a hybrid page since I “digitally” (using MS Image Composer & MS Word) created the background paper myself.  I then printed it on some white cardstock (that’s why it looks so muted).  I then glued other elements to the paper. 

I had made the little growth progress “mini book” myself (and yes – it really is an actual little booklet with pages tied together).  It was originally placed in the little pocket you can see behind it in the image above.  While I was thrilled with how the sonogram & mini book turned out, I remember not being happy with the overall look of the page at the time.  But I was oh so much more disappointed when I dug it out.  Whew…it definitely needed a re-do.

So that’s exactly what I did…

Fruit Salad

This was so fun.  And it’s a perfect example of why I keep saying I can do things digitally that I could never have done with paper & glue.  There’s absolutely no way I could have achieved the “fruit bowl” using paper & glue.

Oh sure, you could probably find a store-bought embellishment that could have come close.  But I’m 99.99% positive that you’d never find one that had all 39 of the “milestone” fruits, vegetables & seeds that were so important to capture here.

Yes, I did “capture” all 39 of those back in 2017 with that paper layout.  But I was never really happy with how it looked.  Today…I am very happy with the new result.  And I can still put the original mini book in a pocket and glue it to the printed digital page. You can see a better image of this layout in my gallery (the image caption is “Fruit Salad”) or an even larger image here.

I hope this gives you some inspiration to revisit a ”taunting” layout of your own.  And if you’re still not sure digital is the way to go, perhaps this will give you reason to have second thoughts!

Have a great rest of your Sunday…

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