Not Totally Happy?

Not Totally Happy?

This goes out to all scrappers…traditional & digital.  Ever get a layout mostly done and find yourself not 100% happy with the results?  You’re certainly not alone.  If you’ve read “My Story” you already know I can tend to be a bit of a perfectionist.  Truth be told, I can spend hours agonizing over just the “right” color or font or even the style I apply to a title.  It really can border on being ridiculous.

Break The Cycle

Missing Piece?

There is one thing that can help me break that cycle.  Have you ever worked on a jigsaw puzzle?  Remember not being able to find that one pesky piece?  My grandma always told me to just walk away & forget about it for a little while.  I used to laugh at her when she’d say that.  But wise woman that she was…it really did work.

I use the same tactic with my layouts.  If you’re wrestling with your layout and are not pushed for time just walk away.  Even if only for 10 minutes.  Go grab a coffee, take a walk, do anything to take your mind off of it for a bit.   You’d be surprised how this simple little break can throw an entirely different light on the whole thing.

At least it works for me.  Frequently I can be working on something, spending way too much time being indecisive, or fussy.  I walk away or simply start working on something else.  And voila, when I come back to that layout one of two things generally happens.  I’m either no longer conflicted or I see exactly what needs to be done.  Thanks Grandma!

On rare occasion it may not work and I’ll try to just set it aside for a day or so.  Typically, it will resolve over time but I have been known to literally re-do an entire layout because it just wasn’t right.

I know myself well enough to know what happens if I just give in and settle for the layout as is.  Whether it’s printed and, in an album, or just stored in a folder on my computer, every time I see it, I feel unsettled.  It’s like being the only person in the room who sees a crooked picture on the wall.  My eye goes right to it and I can’t focus on anything else.

The best thing is to just take a break!

And sometimes it helps to just concentrate on what might be going on with your “creative juices”.  I read an article back in 2019 by Blake de Vos when I was in a creative slump.  It’s a quick read with 8 simple steps to find your creative side.  Sadly, this article is no longer available online.  It’s too bad as I know I found it useful.

Single Most Important Tip When Frustrated

DO NOT give up!

Don't Give Up!

Don’t ever settle for something that isn’t making you happy!

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