Need A Shortcut?

Need A Shortcut?

Need A Shortcut?

So, I have a question for you today. Do you need a handy reference for some of the most popular/useful keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop Elements (PSE)? I know I never seem to have one handy when I need it quickly.

Don’t get me wrong. I know there are lots of tips/tutorials on the internet. But most of the time they really aren’t all that handy (in my opinion). So, I decided to put one together for myself.

And today I’m going to share it with you.

Popular PSE Shortcuts

Please be aware that the version I am currently running is PSE 2022. I also want to remind you that I am in the United States (US). The reason I bring this up is that recently in a discussion with a “techie” friend of mine, he reminded me that most major software brands (potentially Adobe) can have different versions of their software depending on the region/country in which it is being sold.

So why is it important that I note those two things now? Simply because I cannot guarantee that all of the shortcuts I’m about show you will work if you are running an older version of PSE or you are outside the US. I do however, believe that most of these will work just fine.

Note: All of the shortcuts shown below are ones available when working in the Expert workspace. And they are organized alphabetically by “action”.

Shortcuts Pages 1 & 2
Shortcuts Page 3

In those tables above you will see something that might look either like a typo or a repeat of sorts. Notice that Create New Layer Via Copy & Duplicate Layer both show the same shortcut key combination. The reference for “new layer via copy” is meant to point out that you can use this shortcut if you are copying a selection to a new layer not only when you are trying to make a duplicate copy of an existing layer. I hope this makes sense.

I know these table images may appear small depending on the device you’re using. But if you click on the image it should open it at “full-size” in another tab/window.

And here’s a handy little graphic showing you some of these shortcuts cross-referenced to the Tool Options Panel.

Shortcuts In Tools Panel

You can find a complete list of all the PSE keyboard shortcuts on the Adobe site. They are broken into different sections for Tools, Layers Panel, Blending Modes & more. The fact that they’re not all in one place is exactly why I find it less than handy. You can download a PDF containing ALL of them on the page that the above link accesses. But again, it will be organized by these different sections.

Most Important Tips About Shortcuts

Designing Efficiency

You’ll be surprised how these shortcuts can help you work more quickly!

If you like the shortcut images above you can right-click on them which should allow you to save them in “full-size” to your hard drive. I’d also be happy to send you a PDF version of my shortcut document. Just “Message Me” to get a copy.

As usual, if you have any questions or need a bit of help, please don’t hesitate to “Message Me” for some assistance.

Thanks for reading this week’s Tuesday Tip. If you want to stay informed about next week’s post, just click “Follow Me” to get an update. I hope you have a wonderful week!

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